Rest easy. Our knowledge runs deep.

At AM&T we deal with marine and transit insurance all day, everyday. We know the industry inside and out. We understand that as brokers you deal with so many other industries and aspects of insurance and risk management. You can rest easy in the knowledge that our team have you covered when it comes to specialist knowledge of all things marine insurance.

Our team are ready to support you and can answer your specific questions, however we have a list prepared a list of frequently asked questions so you can attend to your client’s needs efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

When it comes to underwriting, what if I disagree with a decision on underwriting?

If you disagree with a decision please speak to the underwriter handling your account and ask for escalation to GM Underwriting so we can ensure we review the decision and come back to you after additional consideration.

You will receive a confirmation email, with a claims number within 1 business days of us receiving your notification. If the information provided requires urgent attention a member of team will respond within the business day of notification otherwise a claims handler will respond to you with the next steps within 3 business days of your advice on a new matter. The approximate time for claims to be processed varies but the more comprehensive information we have on an incident the speedier we are able to process your client's claim. Please use the appropriate claim forms to assist identify the type of information we will be seeking to assess the claim.

We strive to do things the right way and keep our customers happy. If you have a complaint about our products or services, our objective is to resolve it in a fair, transparent and timely manner.

If you disagree with the way a claim has been assessed please speak to the claims handler managing your claim. The matter can be escalated to the AM&T Claims Manager for the assessment to be reviewed and we will come back to you after this been undertaken.

Marine underwriting can be very complex, there are many factors to consider. As brokers you deal with clients from many industries, that is why our specialist marine underwriters are such a valuable resource for you. We are specalists in marine and transit and can therefore provide you with expert advice to assist your clients.

We have simplified the transactions of straightforward marine risks.

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